Bullet, then knives, alcohol & prescription meds found on Louisburg school property

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LOUISBURG, Kan. -- Classes came to a screeching halt on Tuesday at the Louisburg High School, after a round of live ammunition was found. A .22 caliber bullet was found in the hallway of the high school and caused the Miami County Sheriff's Department, The Louisburg Police Department and school administrators to spend over three hours scouring the high school, and disrupted all classes for the students.

Senior Isaac Juarez said at about 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, students heard an announcement over the loudspeaker.

"Just sitting in class and the principal announced the school was going to go on lockdown," he recalled.

Raistlin Brewer was in sculpting class.

"It was weird not knowing what was going on," he said.

He said all they knew is that the school was on lockdown, but they weren't told why.

Authorities checked cars in the parking lot after a bullet was found in a Louisburg H.S. hallway.

Authorities checked cars in the parking lot after a bullet was found in a Louisburg H.S. hallway.

For three hours, the school was kept on lockdown as police went through every locker and used a metal detector wand on every student. Juarez describes what officers did to him.

"Just spread my arms out and they went up the front of my body and the back of my body," he explained.

Juarez said the clean students were escorted to the auditorium for an assembly after every classroom was cleared.

"The principal talked to us about what had happened, how he was both disappointed and was glad that we took care of things that we were supposed to by listening to our teachers," he said.

While police did not find any guns or more ammunition when they searched the school, they did find knives, alcohol, tobacco products and prescription medications, which are not allowed on school property. That concerns Superintendent Brian Biermann.

"We really need our students and our parents help to visit with their children and let them know how serious this is," he said.

As far as the bullet, the superintendent believes it could have been a simple mistake in the rural town where hunting is popular.

"We understand that there are students that on the weekends and the evenings do shoot for sport, but we always have to make sure that our students and staff are safe," he said.

What concerns parents the most is that this was the third time in 30 days a round of live ammunition was found inside a Louisburg school; twice in the middle school and on Tuesday in the high school. Diana Drew has been through all three lockdowns with her grandchildren.

"At least they shut it down and got somebody in to go through everything, so it makes you feel a little bit more secure, I would just like to find them to do something that kind-of prevents those items from getting in to the school," she said.

Biermann says the school district is upgrading its security features, including adding more security cameras inside and outside of school buildings.

"One bullet is one too many and so three concerns us. We are investigating all three incidents to find out if there is any malicious intent if there is copycat behaviors," he said.

Louisburg Police Chief Bill Smith says his department will continue to question students about Tuesday's incident at the high school. The first bullet found in the Louisburg Middle School was determined by detectives to be an accident, and that situation has been cleared. The second middle school incident is still under investigation.

“We take every threat serious until we can prove that it is not a threat," Chief Smith said on Tuesday.

Biermann says he is going to do other things to stop this from happening again. He is meeting with the Miami County Sheriff's Department and the Louisburg Police Department to try and figure out how to prevent children from bringing these kinds of things to school.

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