Measure allowing concealed weapons without permit moves forward in Kansas

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TOPEKA, Kan. -- Kansas politicians are one step closer to pushing a pro-gun agenda

The Kansas Senate approved on Wednesday a new bill that would allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit and without having to take safety training classes.

Local gun advocate and She’s A Pistol owner Becky Bieker said one month after the deadly shootout at her shop, she wants to push harder for more gun owner rights. But she has mixed emotions about the new legislation to eliminate concealed carry permits in her state.

Bieker said as a Second Amendment supporter, she does not think people should be required to have any kind of permit to carry a firearm. But at the same time, she believes responsible gun owners should take it upon themselves to get educated and brush up on their skills in the classroom.

“They’ve got to make sure they’ve got that training and that experience,” Bieker said. “So that if the time comes that they need to draw that weapon, they know how to do so safely and not potentially hurt themselves or an innocent bystander.”

The bill is now off to the Kansas House. If it passes, Kansas will become the fifth state to allow people to conceal and carry without a permit.

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