Ariana Grande: “I almost died” during show at Independence Center

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Warning: video has explicit language.

A death-defying experience happened at the Independence Events Center Wednesday.

Friday morning, pop-star Ariana Grande explained a scary malfunction during her Kansas City concert.

The Honeymoon Diaries YouTube page posted the video above of the crew discussing what happened.

“So you guys need to know what happened during love me harder. First of all, I almost died,” Grande said in the video.

Grande explained she was standing on a platform lift. She said she was waiting for it to rise up when it malfunctioned.

The video above shows her crew trying to get her out before it crushed her.

“The wooden thing and goes like this and I’m like woo I’m about to be crunched by mechanical — and by wooden stuff,” Grande said in the video.

After the show, Grande tweeted, “I love u Kansas City. Thank u for putting up w my nerves.”