Bill in Kansas working to ban use of gas chambers in animal shelters

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. --  A bill to ban the use of gas chambers to kill shelter animals is making its way through the House in Kansas.

House bill 2030 would amend the Kansas pet animal act to eliminate death by gas chambers and improve animal welfare.

The bill would also require pets in shelters and breeding facilities to have access to water and require inspection of the facilities.

Kansas is one of 10 states where gas chambers are still available for shelters to euthanize unadopted animals.

Rachel Hodgson said that the Great Plains SPCA has been working on the bill for about three years. She said that the bill promotes a higher standard of living for animals.

Hodgson said that residents of Kansas can contact the Kansas Speaker of the House to express their opinions on the bill.

To contact Ray Merrick, Kansas Speaker of the House, call (785) 296-2302 or 1 (800) 432-3924. He can also be reached at .