Sedalia sees first significant snow of the season

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SEDALIA, Mo. -- You don't have to travel too far away from Kansas City to find communities digging out from a heavy snowfall. There are reports of up to six inches in Mid-Missouri, where many folks are calling it the first significant snow of the season.

Getting ready for a Sunday matinee at the Galaxy Theater is no easy task after Saturday's storm blanketed the parking lot in heavy, wet snow. For private contractors who earn extra money plowing snow in the wintertime, it's only the second time this season they've been called out for weather.

"We got about six inches last night," said Doug Needy, a contractor plowing snow. "We had some huge flakes, some the size of golf balls came down this morning."

There may be five or six inches of snow in Sedalia, but people aren't complaining. They say so far this winter they've been extremely lucky.

"The weather hasn't been too cold, cold, cold," said Larry Brown. "It's been nice."

So nice that Brown didn't bother putting on a coat, as he cleared snow from his driveway. The sun gave him a head start on making the snow disappear.

The timing of the snow here couldn't have been worse for David McCoy and others moving into new homes on March 1. Lifting appliances and furniture in wet, mucky conditions can be tricky, but McCoy says so far no one has fallen down.

"You can't get in no hurry," McCoy explained. "It's too slick. The highways are ok, but you get off the highways and everything is still sliding and slick and stuff."

People here know to expect anything in Missouri in March. Many are happy, but not surprised, to learn that temperatures may rise to nearly 50 degrees on Tuesday.

During the storm there were some accidents on U.S. Highway 50 between Kansas City and Sedalia. Crews cleared the pavement of snow and ice by Sunday morning.