Crows bring gifts to little girl who regularly feeds them treats

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ROME — A little girl in Rome is apparently making friends with crows.

Because she likes birds and nature, eight-year-old Gabi began feeding the crows in her garden, and soon they were bringing her bright and shiny presents in return.

“The Bittersweet Life” featured Gabi’s story in a podcast, and she showed them her favorite presents from her backyard crows. “The Bittersweet Life” tweeted out a picture of some of her presents and she identified her most favorite crow presents.

“The Bittersweet Life” audience was thrilled with the response to Gabi’s simple, sweet story.

Her collection includes earrings, buttons, paper clips, nuts, bolts, and even a small light bulb.

Gabi feeds the crow good treats like peanuts, dog food and leftovers.

In another Bittersweet Life podcast, crow expert John Marzluff says sometimes crows do build relationships with humans that feed them.