Motorcycle accident can’t stop man from helping others

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One man refused let a motorcycle accident that changed his life change his attitude.

"It really changed my life a lot... before I got the van I was taking the bus to my doctor's appointments," Dewayne Carpenter said.

Carpenter said that someone told him about Rick Davidson with Positive Changes, a non-profit organization that helps people who are physically challenged.

"That's reason I want to pay it forward and help him be able to help other people who need equipment," Carpenter said.

Davidson was a NHRA National Champion dragster in 1987. Davidson has since suffered a motorcycle accident that changed his life.

"There's nothing in my life now that makes me feel less of a champion now as I was when I was walking," Davidson said.

Carpenter nominated Davidson for "Pay it Forward" because he said Davidson was a champion to him for all he does to help others.

Even though his wheel chair has replaced the four wheels on his cherished 1969 cheery red Camaro, Carpenter said it's people like Davidson that keeps him motivated.