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Thieves steal instruments, gear from Chicago band traveling through KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A trailer full of instruments and musical gear belonging to a band from Chicago was broken into late Saturday night or early Sunday morning while it was parked in the street by the Comfort Inn, 770 Admiral in Kansas City.

The band, Chicago Afrobeat Project, had just performed in Lawrence, Kan., and was headed back to Chicago when they stopped at the Comfort Inn for the night.

They say the security guard wouldn't allow them to park in the hotel lot, so they parked on the street.

On Monday, FOX 4 spoke to Luc Parcell, the bass player of Chicago Afrobeat Project.

"It was a great weekend and the shows we played were really great shows. I think we were all feeling good," he said about the show.

He's been driving around Chicago trying to locate another bass guitar.

"I'm scrambling to try to find new stuff to play for Wednesday night," Parcel said.

Parcell said after the events of the weekend, the band is at quite a loss.

"Between the whole band, upwards of almost $10,000 worth of stuff, not more than that. I lost more than $1,000 worth of stuff myself," he said.

Parcell said many of the items we very special to some of his bandmates.

"It was built by someone who doesn't build drums anymore so it's truly a unique hard to find relic of sorts," he said about a missing vintage drum set.

The band filed a police report and said police told them the items could show up in pawn shops.

The band posted the stolen items on its Facebook page and said, "There is a chance we could get some back. Not hopeful, but here is the gear list. It sucks people are so bad off they do things like this. #FixTheSystem."

They say some of the items are vintage and one-of-a-kind instruments.

Click here for the Chicago Afrobeat Project website.

Some of the items stolen are pictured above. You can see more of the stolen items on the band's website and facebook page.