Daredevil recruits friends to throw him off a cliff

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PORTLAND — A man from a small Oregon town is making a name for himself in the world of BASE jumping thanks to a video that shows his unusual approach to the sport.

Blake Burwell, 31, is from Talent, a small town that sits along Interstate 5 between Medford and Ashland in Southern Oregon.

When he set out to BASE jump off a 3,000-foot rocky cliff in Norway, he decided simply jumping over the edge was daring enough, so he enlisted a couple of his friends to throw him over.

The stunt didn’t go quite as expected, since the men didn’t throw Burwell as far out over the cliff as he’d hoped, but everything worked out in the end and Burwell touched down with a soft landing.

“Looking back, instead of down at the ground, but up at my friends as I was being hurtled off was quite an experience,” Burwell said. “It was really quite magical.”

CLICK HERE TO SEE Blake’s friends hurl him off the cliff.