Metro family is hurting deeply after losing two Incredible Hulks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro family says they've had two incredible Hulks taken from them, and even though one will not be coming back, they are holding out hope for the other.

The Vazquez family has been collecting Hulk items ever since their son, Adan, became sick. Adan passed away a few years ago, and they've been keeping one of those items on their front porch. That is, until recently.

"Adan was born with special needs. He was born sick, he required a lung transplant at eight months," said Adan's mom, Yolanda.

She named him the Hulk when he was a patient in the NICU.

"He had a lot of respiratory issues, and he also had Jaundice, so at birth his skin was already a different color, and then when he would get mad, he had a way where his oxygen levels would drop and he would start changing colors; his lips would turn purple, his fingers would start changing colors," Vazquez said. "We thought it was kind of funny, we're like ‘don't make him mad because he's going to turn into this big, mean beast.’"

He would return to normal once he calmed down, but the nickname stuck.

"We started collecting Hulk stuff, we got everything from the sandwich bags, we would get tissues; anything that had the Hulk," said Vazquez.

That included a Halloween costume. It was too big so they we're saving it for the following year when Adan was bigger.

"After that he passed and wasn't able to wear it," Vazquez said.

Nine days later, on November 9, 2011, Adan died. Last October, Vazquez rediscovered the Hulk costume.

"And my husband was like, ‘oh we'll make a little statue and we can put it outside for Halloween,’" said Vazquez.

The couple decided to keep it up even after Halloween.

"I got used to it," Vazquez said.

But then noticed it was gone a few weeks ago.

"I looked up and on the fence I see one of the gloves from the Hulk is just hanging on the fence," Vazquez said.

Vazquez says it was too heavy to blow away. Someone had taken the Hulk, but to the Vazquez family, they took much more than that.

"It did have a lot of sentimental value," said Vazquez. "It kind of was heart wrenching when you would walk outside the house and see it wasn't there."

Vazquez says they have other Hulk toys to remind them of Adan and the Hulk statue is easily replaced, but this one was special.

"It's all that we have left, so we take a lot of that stuff to heart," said Vazquez.

If you happen to see a giant Hulk around town, the Vazquez family would really like their original back.