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Teacher placed on leave after student records obscenity-laced tirade

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**Editor's Note: While censored, most of the recording included in this story is obscene, discretion is recommended**

DALLAS -- A Texas teacher finds himself on administrative leave after an audio recording surfaced, revealing a profanity-laced rant he is accused of making in front of his middle school class.

Outraged parents told KDFW the behavior was completely out of line; the recording was taped by one of the teacher’s students with a cell phone under a table.

Within a minute you hear the instructor, who students identify as “Sgt. Griffin,” start a profanity laced rant, which caused some students to giggle.

"If you get to f--- around I will go back and do the paper work and change your f--- grade and fail your stupid a--," is heard on the recording.

He cautioned the students while cursing.

"Those of you that know me, you know I'll go as far as you want me to go. So if you wanna act a fool with me, guess what? If you got no filter, then I ain't got no filter. If you got no threshold for pain, then I don't either. If you don't give a f---, I don't give a f---," the recording continued.

He talked about a test using X-rated language and later is heard saying, he's not trying to be vulgar.

"On Thursday you guys are going to have a test over this material and you've got to be able to pass it. Now most of y'all f--- up that last test up, and I'm going to tell you the truth y’all f--- it up, it took your grade down by 5 to 10 points," the recording continued.

Parents KDFW spoke with outside of Holmes Middle School were shocked.

"How are they going to have somebody working in the school like that? Even if he's trying to mean it in a good way, that's not a way to put things. He said he wasn't trying to be vulgar. He was very vulgar," said one parent.

Not wanting her face shown, the mother's sixth grader made the recording on Monday. On Tuesday she went to the campus and refused to leave until she watched the principal listen to the recording.

"She told me she was going to tell me what happens with the investigation," the parent said.

Near the end of the seven-minute long recording the instructor's rant goes random. He also tells the students "they" are rude.

“If y'all cool with me, I'm cool with you. I would much prefer, I like having fun just as much as everybody else. Matter of fact I'd rather be sitting on my a--- chilling, watching y'all play basketball, play on the phones and all that ... however y'all motherf------s acted a godd-- fool on Thursday and Friday," the recording continued.

All of it was unacceptable for a parent and a grandparent as well.

"We want our kids to progress, to go to universities, you know, get an education, but not an education like that," the parent said.