Downtown triple shooting shakes Boulevard

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A nightclub owner says his customers hit the floor after gunshots rang out down the street from his location.

Police say someone shot three people leaving Club Encore KC at 700 Southwest Boulevard shortly after 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Paramedics took the three victims to an area hospital in serious condition.

FOX 4 spoke with a man who says his club was not involved in the shooting, but it is just down the street.

The owner, who goes by ‘Rhythm,’ said, “It sounded like a bunch of, probably twelve to twenty shots being fired off real quickly.”

His first priority was to check outside his bar Rhythm and Booze to make sure no one was hurt, and then inside to see about his shaken customers.

“A few of them dropped down to the floor when they heard it,” he said.

‘Rhythm’ also said he couldn’t leave his establishment until hours later.

“We had to wait until the police were done doing their CSI investigation and trying to find all of the bullets going down the boulevard past our building,” he said.

Bullets went past his bar, but his building wasn't in the clear.

He said, “As the drive-by went by, one bullet actually came and hit the very last room of our building on the southwest side of the building.”

The bar owner tells FOX 4 two customers were inside playing darts but no one at his place was hurt. So what occupied his time Saturday morning was clean-up.

“Now we’re having to have somebody come out and board it up,” he said.

‘Rhythm’ is hoping to have new glass and a new sign either Sunday or Monday.

While the shooting was close to home, ‘Rhythm’ hopes it doesn’t discourage people from stopping by.

“It’s a nice area. We have a lot of really good people around here and things like this don’t typically happen,” he said.

FOX 4 stopped by Encore KC Saturday morning but no one was there.

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