A patriotic image or desecration of the flag?

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Virginia Beach, Va. — A Virginia Beach photographer has fallen victim to public scrutiny after a recent photo she captured.

Vanessa Hicks recently took a photo of a baby lying in the American flag but said she see nothing wrong or disrespectful about the photo.

“That flag, the uniform, that baby-exactly what every service member is out there fighting for and has fought for,” Hicks, who is a navy veteran, said.

The problem for Hicks arose when a Facebook page “You call yourself a photographer?” shared the photo and claimed that it dishonored the American flag.

Hicks said she reported the page to Facebook but said they refused to take it down.

Hicks said she served in the navy and now serves as a navy wife and mom and the picture represents everything she stands for.

Despite the negative feedback she has received, Hicks said she would proudly take the picture again.

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