A second parent claims that a substitute gym teacher inappropriately touched her daughter

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There are more allegations of inappropriate touching by a substitute gym teacher hired to fill-in at Troost Elementary School. On Tuesday, FOX 4 News first reported the alleged groping of a nine-year-old girl. Now, a second parent has come forward claiming that the same teacher tried to fondle her daughter, too.

"I went to report it to the principal on Thursday," said Arleta Simmons, the victim's mother. "But what I'm upset about is she reported it to one of the staff members and they took her statement but didn't call and let me know nothing. That's what I'm really upset about."

Simmons brought her daughter to school district headquarters Wednesday to be interviewed by a Missouri Department Children and Family Services investigator and one of the district's lawyers.

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Simmons says she learned from another parent a week ago that there had been allegations made against the substitute physical education teacher. She talked to her daughter and learned that the man tried to fondle her fourth grader by placing his hands on her back and then moving them down. She says the district told her Wednesday the man had been hired through Kelly Services, a temp agency, but would not be allowed to work in the district again.

Kelly Services has provide FOX 4 with this statement:

"Kelly Services takes all allegations of inappropriate behavior seriously and we are investigating the matter.  However, we do not comment on specifics related to allegations during a pending investigation."

"I hope they give us some answers," Simmons said. "Us parents don't know the name of this man, don't know if he's in jail. We don't know nothing. they are not letting us know nothing. I feel like we have the right to know because we put our kids in their safety and trust, and thinking that they are going to be okay, while they are in their hands getting their education and you all got a predator over here touching on our kids."

Simmons did not want her daughter to appear on camera because she has difficulty talking about what happened to her. The mother says the school district told her other parents and victims are being interviewed Wednesday as part of the investigation. She says she's disappointed a police detective was not present for her interview.

Simmons says her daughter called her crying on the day of the incident but never explained why. She fears there may be other children who are afraid to tell their parents if something like this happened to them.

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