Staffing company that hired substitute gym teacher speaks out

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The staffing company that hired the substitute gym teacher who allegedly touched at least two young girls inappropriately at Troost Elementary is speaking out.

Kelly Services  said they can't comment on details of the investigation, but said it's employment screening process exceeds state and local background check requirements.

"We verify that their fingerprints have been cleared through the school district within the last year," the company's senior director of operations Scott Apsey told FOX 4 by phone. "We verify their teaching certificate with the department of elementary and secondary education."

In addition, Apsey said Kelly Services runs additional criminal county background checks, national sex offender registry checks and requires employees to undergo face-to-face behavioral interviews.

"Finally, our subs are required to register with the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry,"Apsey said.

Despite the screening process the company follows, the mothers of the two children who claimed the substitute teacher inappropriately touched them said they are not satisfied with what they've heard.

In both case the mothers said they weren't notified immediately after their daughters told school officials about the groping.

"By law they said they didn't have to notify me, but I feel like that needs to be changed because by me being the parent of a 9-year old, I feel like I should have been there to support her," Fallon Rodgers said .

The parents said they've received a few answers from school official.

"They really didn't give too much information because it's under investigation, but they did say the gentleman will not be working in Kansas City public schools anymore,” Fallon Rodgers said.

"I hope they give us answers,"Arleta Simmons said . "Us parents don't know the name of the man, if he's in jail. We don't know nothing. They're not letting us know nothing."

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