Clip-On trackers mean you might never lose your stuff ever again

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The lost and found is getting a high tech makeover. Attach these tiny tags to your stuff and it makes things like your keys and purse easy to find and maybe even impossible to lose!

Several companies are producing digital tags, including Tile and TrackR.

Rich’s Notes:

I love the idea of this technology because it’s useful on two levels.

The first is when the tiny tracker is near your phone – you can press a button on your phone and the tracker makes a sound which can lead you to your keys or purse or whatever.

The second is when the tiny tracker isn’t near your phone. Here’s where it gets a bit more complicated because now you are relying on crowdsourcing. Basically, someone else near your tracker device must have the companion app installed on their phone so the tracker can communicate its location info with the server and you can see where your device is on a map.

Still, knowing where your stuff is doesn’t mean you automatically get it back. If it’s lost in a park, you can navigate to your keys left on a bench or whatever… but what if it’s located inside someone’s house? Do you walk up to the front door and say you tracked your purse to inside their home? Clearly there are some potentially odd situations here. Perhaps writing your name and phone number on the tracking device would help.

Overall, I like the design and functionality of Tile better. It stayed connected to my phone better and I loved how when I left it in the wild it was located by someone else’s device. That gives me hope that there is something to this crowdsourcing lost and found idea.

I like how you can replace Trackr’s battery, but it had trouble staying connected to my phone. A company rep told me they discovered a manufacturing issue with the prototype devices I received and offered to send some new ones.

Here’s my final thought – imagine if a company like Google or Apple bought this crowdsourcing lost and found tracking technology and built it into their phones. That means we would literally never have to worry about losing our stuff because chances are, the tracking devices would always be near a device that can help report its location.

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