Northland women uneasy about man cruising in what looks like undercover cop car

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some women who live in a Northland apartment complex are feeling uneasy about a man who is allegedly patrolling their neighborhood in what looks a lot like an undercover police car.

The women said the man's alleged actions concern them because  he's not a cop.

The vehicle is a dark blue Ford Crown Victoria with tinted windows, a push bar and a little round spotlight near the driver’s side window.

“He could’ve pulled up to me and I would’ve turned around and thought he was an officer,” Carol Thrasher said.

The car has Missouri tags and is registered to a man living in the same complex as the women.

“I’d noticed the car coming up and down, up and down,” Thrasher said. “I’m like, this isn’t right. It looks like an undercover police car, plain and simple. Nobody would know the difference.”

The women in the apartment complex said they've seen him allegedly cat call and pull his car alongside women who are walking or jogging in the area.

“He approached a woman and the woman was yelling for him to ‘Get away, or get out, or leave me alone,’” Thrasher said she saw a few weeks ago.

One woman who works nearby said she called police last weekend after the alleged interaction.

Police said it's not illegal to drive a car that looks like a cop car, as long as the person driving doesn't try to impersonate an officer.

A manager at the complex’s leasing office told Fox 4 his staff is aware of the situation, and he has talked with police, but he has not heard of the man threatening or harming anyone.

Fox 4 stopped by the man's apartment to ask about the situation, but he didn't answer his door. An online search showed the man has no prior criminal record in Missouri.

The women in the complex said they plan to keep a close watch.

“It’s going to scare me if I see a woman walk, see him come across, and she actually gets in the car,” Thrasher said. “That’s going to scare me more than anything else.”

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