Huge crowds pack Bartle Hall for Planet Comicon

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Huge crowds packed Bartle Hall for the final day of Planet Comicon Sunday.

Hundreds of people lined up before the doors even opened for the comic books, stars, robots, and wars

"It's awesome because you can express yourself any way you want and it's like-minded people who enjoy the same things you do," said James Porrello, who drove in from Jefferson City to spend all three days at the event.

Many outsiders looking in say they just don't get Planet Comicon with its elaborate and expensive costumes.

"Some people don't. They think ‘why you are going to dress up and stand in line?’” said Porrello.

starwars2But, the estimated 40,000 who showed up from across the country over three days said the experience is well worth the time and money.

"I think maybe about six months I've been saving," said Kerry Jirak from Des Moines. "It's just fun, you get to be somebody you know that you normally aren't," she said.

Christopher Vaughn said for his 11-year-old it's an escape.

"It gives him a sense of you know, you have reality that you deal with every day and here you get to break away from that reality and just let loose, dress up as your favorite superhero and not care what people think," he said.

Celebrity stars from shows like Arrow, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and the X-files were in attendance.