Scuffle towards end of St. Patrick’s Day parade ends with multiple arrests

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A vast majority of people had no problem while watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Tuesday afternoon, but a scuffle at the very end of the event put at least three teens in handcuffs.

For the most part, the parade route was lined with families out to enjoy a beautiful day and a festive parade. After the parade, however, a small group of people were out to cause problems.

FOX 4 got exclusive video of several hundred young people taunting police, running from one block to another, refusing to clear the area after the parade was over.

Police on foot, driving ATVs  and even the mounted patrol horses and officers, were on hand for this exact type of thing.

"They are real good about crown control, breaking up fights with a lot of people. The size factor; these horses weigh about 1,500 pounds. So when we ride in and ask people to break it up,  move out of the way, people tend to listen,” Mounted Patrol Sergeant Joey Roberts said.

For those people who wouldn't listen, they won a trip downtown. Some of the folks went from taunting to tangling with police and ended up in handcuffs.  It took police about 20 minutes to break up that mess. As for how many people were arrested, police say they won't have that tally until Wednesday.