Woman’s quick thinking fends off would-be carjacker in Overland Park

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A 61-year-old mother and grandmother in Overland Park was just starting her day, on her way to work, when she says someone tried to steal her car at gun point.

At 5:30 on Tuesday morning, it was dark and quiet, before most people were awake. This woman, who doesn't want to be identified, was in her car and ready to go to work.

She noticed a van pull up on the street behind her driveway and shut off the lights, then in seconds, someone approached her.

"He's trying to open the door and there's a gun right here," said the victim.

She said a man tried to steal her car. She didn't know what to do next, so she laid on her horn and screamed.

"I didn't even see him leave, trust me, I just, I just screamed and he must have left," said the victim.

The would-be carjacker ran off, and she called police. She thinks back to all the what-ifs, and knows she did several things right, like locking her doors.

"This will unlock it, but then I have to get in and do this when I get in. So I had it locked," she exhibited.

Just a two-minute drive away, on about 103rd and Long Street early Sunday morning, three teenagers were carjacked. That time the thieves got away with a car, cash, and phones. It's unknown if the incidents are connected. This woman knows it could have been worse, and she wants to warn others.

"Just always be aware of your surroundings and lock your doors, as soon as you get in the car, lock your doors," she said.

Now she hopes the evidence police collected will lead them to the person who made this St. Patrick's Day one she'll never forget. FOX 4 spoke to Overland Park Police, and a spokesman explained there aren't any more carjackings or attempts than usual so far this year.