Teens escorted out of Capitol while protesting budget cuts to Mo. libraries

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hundreds of teens who are a part of the "Save Our Libraries" group were bused to Jefferson City, Mo. to meet with lawmakers  Wednesday to try to increase funding for Missouri libraries.

According to teen services librarian, Wick Thomas, everything went well until the teens got to Governor Nixon's office.

The students were escorted out of the Capitol by security after the Governor's press secretary said he was unaware that the group had an appointment.

The teens had previously met with other lawmakers and said they only had issues when trying to meet with Governor Nixon.

Video shot by Milo Chaffin showed the group  being escorted out by security. The video also shows the group on the steps of the Capitol as they listened to the executive director Crosby Kemper and a student speak out for libraries.

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