In YouTube video, woman offers unpopular ways to quiet child screaming at grocery store

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TOMBALL, Texas — After a woman posted a video to YouTube in which she complained and criticized another mother’s parenting, many took offense and came to the defense of the other mother.

A woman named Kathleen posted the video rant about the child acting out at a grocery store.

“And this child starts screaming. I’m talking the blood curdling, veins popping. It was bizarre,” she said in her video.

She explained that she grew frustrated seeing the young child with their parent in the store.

“I just had to take a minute and pray to the baby Jesus because I’m telling you I almost walked that woman over to the wooden spoons and get that S%$$ under control.”

Smith went on to suggest other ways to stop tantrums.

“There are two answers to this, kill it, give it away or leave it at home,” said Kathleen. “I just said a small prayer, please Jesus let there be something wrong with that child that makes it do that because if not, I would like to know why that woman has not beaten the **** out of that kid yet.”

Even after the criticism on social media, the woman said she’s not sorry for anything she said.

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