Independence officer lauded for taking time for a game of basketball with neighborhood kids

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- When a couple of neighborhood kids started a game of basketball after school, an unlikely player showed up to join the fun

“That was awesome. That is something those boys will always remember,” said Barbara Aumua.

That’s when Aumua immediately whipped out her phone and recorded the game. Shaun Warren, an Independence police officer, jumped in on a game of basketball when he saw four kids throwing around a ball.

“They were pretty good. They’re a lot faster than I was,” he said.

The video was posted on Facebook that same day, and Ofc. Warren quickly became a neighborhood star. It’s unexpected because he was there for work.

“A lady had called and said she got a protection order against her boyfriend. We served him with a protection order,” said Ofc. Warren.

But everyone needs a break and, Ofc. Warren was no different. When he spied the kids having fun, he couldn’t resist.

“I did a lot of passing and let them do the shooting,” he said.

This is the first time Aumua had ever seen anything like this, and she’s lived in the neighborhood for 30 years.

“The police interacting with you kids like this, it’ll make a big difference,” says Aumua.

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