Why uncle dressed in princess gown to take 4-yr-old niece to ‘Cinderella’

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FLORENCE, Ala. — A 25-year-old man obviously adores his four-year-old niece; so much so that when she was nervous about wearing her special princess dress to the movie ‘Cinderella’, her very own Uncle Jesse put on a gown, too.

“She said ‘you could be a princess too,'” Jesse Nagy told ABC News.

So, it was decided: They would both be princesses.  Four-year-old Izzy, however, got to wear the crown.

When they got to their special date at the Carmike Cinema in Florence, Alabama, the a theater employee was so impressed with the pair, the employee shared a photo of them on Reddit.

It has now been reshared all around the globe.

“You’re famous in Australia already. Good job champ!” one Facebooker said.

Nagy said while he was watching the movie, people kept calling him after seeing the adorable picture.

Another commenter: “Your niece’s face says it all! That’s all that matters!! Bravo bravo!! ( standing ovation from me)”

Nagy told ABC that he really wanted to spend time with her, so he suggested they have a princess day. He says he plans to have many more special dates with her ahead.



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