Thieves steal 4’x8′ billboard that Greenwood, Mo. purchased to honor the KC Royals

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GREENWOOD, Mo. -- A billboard honoring the Kansas City Royals was stolen over the weekend in Greenwood, Mo., and the mayor wants it returned and the thieves prosecuted.

For four years, Greenwood Mayor Marvin MeGee says the city has purchased billboards to show its support for the Royals.

FRThe sign costs the city $400, but he's put up a reward, a month's salary of $500 for its return.

"I'm sure they took it for their game room wall or their garage wall and it's simply inappropriate," MeGee said.

While "steals" are a good thing for your team in baseball, they are not in Greenwood.

"These signs are also about the kids and their ability to dream," said MeGee.

The police chief hopes someone will see the four-feet by eight-feet sign and turn it in.

"Hopefully somebody will come forward and let us know about it especially with the reward Mayor Marvin MeGee has put out," said Greg Hallgrimson, Greenwood Police Chief.