Woman opts to pay it forward instead of taking money herself

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman from Caldwell County doesn't let anything stop her from volunteering.

Mona Brown has Multiple sclerosis but hasn't let it stop her from helping others.

For almost 30 years, Brown has worked at the Caldwell County Health Department.

"She's just our go-to girl in the county," Shelly Reed of Caldwell County said. "In Bremer if we need something done, she's the girl."

Brown also raised her children as a single mother.

Brown's son Colin, a former player for the Kansas City Chiefs, said nothing could stop his mother from helping others.

"She would do anything for anybody," Colin said. "She's just a wonderful lady."

Brown, who thought she was receiving a health department award, was surprised when she found out that the award was $300.

"We nominated you as a volunteer for Caldwell County because you're a good friend; you're a go-to girl," Janet Hill said. "Before you came today she was doing volunteer for prayer group."

Brown's selfless character shined when she opted to pay it forward to a single mother at the health center instead of taking the money herself.