KC Titans gearing up for season opener

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Royals aren't the only sports team in Kansas City gearing up for a season opener.

The Kansas City Titans took to the practice field near 31st and Linwood on Saturday in preparation for the team’s first game later this month.

The Titans are one team of more than three dozen who play for the Women’s Football Alliance. Women from across the country travel from city to city, taking on the competition under the same rules as collegiate football.

“This is not a lingerie team, we play by collegiate rules and we do exactly what the big boys do,” said assistant general manager Emily Bates

“If people can get out and come and see us, I think that they’ll see women are just as exciting to watch as men are,” said rookie Sica Castillo.

Castillo takes pride in more than just the physical game.

“I’ve never had sisters," said Castillo. "I grew up with all brothers and it’s like i just gained thirty sisters. I mean, it’s pretty incredible.”

Fundraising is a big part off the field, since each woman will spend a couple grand on fees, travel, and gear.

“We don’t have big draft days, people throwing money at us, but you know, this is for the love of it all, and this is where it starts from and exhibits itself out on the field,” said Bates.

It’s a showing on the field these women hope will bring more people to the stands. Fan Darrell Julu hopes women’s football will one day gain as much traction and momentum as the NFL.

“I hope it does," said Julu. "I would be a big supporter. I would love to see my girlfriend out there tackling somebody.”

Click here for ticket information and the season schedule.

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