Residents upset about campaign signs being posted in yard without permission

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some property owners along Prospect Avenue are complaining about campaign signs being posted on their land without their permission. Prospect Avenue gets a lot of traffic, so any sign placed along the corridor is going be seen by a lot of people.

But homeowners who live along Prospect say it's been a nightmare during the election season to wake up in the morning and find campaign signs in their yards that they didn't put there or give permission to be posted on their property.

Joseph Jackson is president of the Sante Fe Area Council. He says many signs being posted without property owners' permission belong to Freedom Incorporated, a political group that's endorsing Jermaine Reed and Quinton Lucas for city council.

"We all have the right to put signs in our yard for who we support," Jackson said. "But how would you like to wake up in the morning and find a sign in your yard for someone you are not supporting, that organization or that candidate."

FOX 4 News talked with City Councilman Jermaine Reed. He declined an on-camera interview but says he does not support placing signs on private property without the owner's permission. And he says he's talked to Freedom Incorporated about that complaint. City ordinance also prohibits election signs in the public right of way, and Reed says he had his workers remove his campaign signs from those public areas.

FOX 4 News has tried to contact a political organizer for Freedom Incorporated. But our phone calls have not yet been returned.

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