Trenton residents grateful for help during a challenging year of work following tornado

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TRENTON, Mo. -- People living in Trenton say a lot has changed in the year since a tornado hit the community and displaced dozens of families.

A little more than a year ago, a tornado tore through the town destroying many peoples homes. FOX 4 spoke with some of those victims right after the storm, and again on Monday to see where they are.

"It`s been a year of really hard work... for my wife and me both," said Larry Bailey. "After the engineers came, the insurance company sent them, and we worked with them, and the insurance company they declared it a total loss."

His former address is now an empty parcel of land. Bailey said he had to knock down his home of more than 25 years and move to a new house a few miles away.

"It was pretty well knocked down to begin with," Bailey said.

He says the tornado destroyed his house, but Bailey and his wife wanted to remain in the area.

"We've had ties in Trenton for a long time," said Bailey.

"It took us about three or four months to get everything back up," said Jesse Richmond, who works at the maintenance barn across the street from where the Baileys used to live.

The barn had some damage, but fortunately could be fixed.

"We kind of freak out a little bit now when we hear the tests on the sirens," Richmond said.

Richmond says that even a year later, severe weather still puts him on edge.

Both Bailey and Richmond agree that a lot has happened in a year, but when a disaster hits a small town like Trenton, it's easy to pick up where they left off.

"Everybody pitches in and tries to find what they can do and how they can help," said Richmond.

"Without the help, I don't know how we would have done it," added Bailey.

Bailey says they like their new home, and when I asked if he's planning on staying in this house for a while....

"Never know!" he said.

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