Woman credits dog as her protector after her Yorkie helped thwart sexual assault

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Around 7:30 last Friday morning, Sabrina Lowe says she took her miniature Yorkie named "Baby Girl" outside to use the bathroom. While Sabrina stood waiting inside the apartment building, in a flash she says a man, who was sitting on some nearby stairs, suddenly attacked her.

"He grabbed me from behind, and after he pulled my pants down I was shaking and nervous. I was so terrified that I could hardly talk. I just kept screaming for help," Lowe told FOX 4's Robert Townsend during an exclusive interview Monday. "I was scared to death. I didn't know what he was gonna do to me."

For the past month, Lowe's been temporarily living with a relative at the apartment building along Winchester Road on the city's south side. Lowe, who's disabled, says because she feared for her life she just kept screaming.

On the outside of the door was her five-year-old, six pound dog.

"Baby Girl just kept barking as loud as she could and she kept jumping on the door. Then I could hear the cops running up to the apartment building," added Lowe.

By then, she says the stranger quickly ran outside into some nearby woods. Police tried to chase him down, but the man got away. Officers also dusted the apartment building's front door for the man's possible fingerprints. Right now, police only have a vague description of the man.

"I just hope they can catch because I'm still scared . Every time I go out know with my dog I carry a knife, some scissors, something with me," Lowe said.

She's convinced her fearless four-legged friend helped save her life from the would-be rapist.

"Baby Girl is my honey. She's always been my protector. She would've used her might y teeth on him if she would've got to him," Sabrina laughed.

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