50 years after performance, Shawnee Mission South hopes The Who will play for another generation

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Bring back The Who! Fifty years after the now legendary band played at one metro high school, alumni are trying to bring them back.

Shawnee Mission South would like to host a "throwback" concert.

The British group rocked out at Shawnee Mission South in 1967. It was one of their first shows as they were trying to make a name for themselves.

Now students and staff at south are trying to get The Who to come back to where it all started 50 years ago. So they started reaching out on social media. It's an effort that's taken the whole community by storm.

“It`s been a lot of fun to see all the alumni sharing photos and memories and really kind of rooting for this thing to take off,” said Travis Gatewood, a teacher at Shawnee Mission South.

Check out the online petition.

“Students have been taken off really great with it. It’s been promoted in a lot of classrooms this week. We’ve been playing music during lunch time and a lot of the classrooms,” said Gatewood