KCK business owner fears thieves may pose as chimney technicians with stolen ID cards

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Burglars broke into one local chimney business on Southwest Boulevard during the night, taking thousands of dollars in equipment.

However, power tools aren't the only thing they stole.

The business owner says the crooks took identification cards that could enable them to pose as chimney repair techs. When the owner at Fluesbrothers Chimney Company arrived at work Friday morning, he discovered a complete mess. Jeremy Biswell, company owner, said he found windows smashed in five of his trucks and thousands of dollars in tools gone.

But, it's employee credentials, like ID cards that he fears have fallen into the wrong hands.

"It kind of reflects broken dreams," Biswell said. "Every truck had been broken into in this line right here except for one."

Five of Biswell's work trucks had been broken into. His surveillance cameras show thieves stealing his company's box truck just after 2 a.m., but that wasn't all.

"The weird thing is around 5 a.m., they drove the truck back," Biswell said.

Three hours later, those men returned -- parking the box truck, and loading an SUV with power tools found in the trucks they'd already smashed up.

"All of my guys have families to support. I have my own family to support," Biswell said. "It isn't like as a business owner, we have money just sitting around for things like this. We all work really hard."

The ID tags his employees carry were also stolen as well as the uniforms they wear on the job. Biswell fears criminals might use those items to worm their way into people's homes, misrepresenting themselves as service techs.

"We don't go to people's houses and randomly knock on doors offering free inspections or try to get in your house," Biswell said.

Dottie Joplin, 83, lives near Biswell's office. She says the neighborhood has seen a moderate amount of crime, and demands that it's cleaned up.

"They're stupid!" Joplin shouted. "They don't know what's going on. They need to be in jail somewhere."

"If someone wants to break into something, and they're driven, they're going to do it," Biswell said.

Biswell says people should never let any service worker into their home or property unless they've made an appointment. He points out that his company stays in constant contact with customers throughout their business transactions.

KCK police tell FOX 4 news they don't have a description of the burglars.