More than ever before, women are packing the stands at Kauffman Stadium

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As the Kansas City Royals continue their winning way, the female fan base continues to grow, proving baseball isn't just for guys.

A day at Kauffman Stadium is becoming a girls' getaway. More than ever before, female fans are drawn to Royals home games at The K. Royals officials often noticed mothers accompanying their loved ones to the stadium. However, groups of female fans are now attending games.

Toby Cook works for the Royals in community relations. He says the organization started noticing this trend when the stadium received a multi-million dollar refurbishing. Since then, attractions like the Royals Boutique have been added to cater to female fans.

“That can make a difference in -- do we even go to a game? What kind of concessions do we buy? What kind of merchandise do we buy?” Cook said.

He says the organization doesn't maintain demographic research based on gender of people in attendance, but the addition of more female fans is noticeable.

“It wasn't just guys who look like me coming to the ballpark anymore,” Cook affirmed.

Women decked out in Royals’ colors still attend games with their families, but sometimes, outings turn into a girls' night out.  Rhonda Sheehan lives in Kansas City North. She and her daughter, Shaina Moravec, attended Thursday’s game with a group of women out to have a good time.

“We all love baseball and we all love the games. It's absolutely a great place for ladies to come because of the facilities. There's different areas of the ballpark for women to enjoy,” she said.

Other women, such as Netashe Johnson, go because they love the game.

“I love the whole experience. I love getting in here and being able to look down on the game. I love the action and that you can see everything that's going on,” she said.

Next door, the Kansas City Chiefs are likely experiencing the same growth. National Football League research shows 40 percent of that league's fan base is now female.