Parent says school district is taking positive steps following negative reactions to BMI testing

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BELTON, Mo. -- The story about a Belton girl being called overweight after her body mass index was taken at school has gone viral. The Belton School District says it’s been working with concerned parents after issues came up with their BMI testing in schools.

“I took guidelines, safeguards, from the CDC,” mom Amanda Moss said.

Moss ‪says there’s a list of items on the Centers for Disease Control website with the proper way to measure and check BMI in a school setting.

“Several of those guidelines are things that the Belton School District was not following. Whether they were aware of it or not, I'm not sure,” she said.

She took those concerns to the school district because the chart the school used is not listed on the CDC website.

“I also took them information from the CDC that shows Kylee's weight is in normal range. So either their program is not being used properly or somebody is not reading it properly,” Moss said.

Superintendent Dr. Andrew Underwood says the school district used the guidelines provided through the NFL Play 60 grant that is behind the healthy lifestyle program at the school. Dr. Underwood says the goal wasn't to make anyone feel bad about themselves,.

“There is some different interpretations when it comes to BMI, depending on who you speak with, so I think they are fairly close, but they are different,” he said. “We want kids to come to school to worry about learning.”

Dr. Underwood ‪says the school board is working on making positive changes.

“The mistake we made is not allowing the parents to have an opportunity to opt out, which we'll do that in the future,” he explained.

Moss says she’s happy the district is working with parents, and says it’s a step in the right direction.

“The only thing that I'm more concerned with now is whether or not they'll continue to do this program the way that it’s supposed to be intended, and not as something that's supposed to be red-flagging parents and red flagging kids,” she said.

Moss said she’s blown away at the response to her story, but is just thankful that its bringing awareness on the topic.