Circumstances surrounding son’s death strain heart and mind of Blue Springs mom

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- A mother who called 911 on her son is having some regrets after he died in a car wreck. Michelle Solerto says she's been playing the scenario over and over in her head wondering what she could have done to get her son out of a vehicle she suspected was stolen.

Fluids from the car wreck stain the street, but the strain on her heart and mind has her rethinking what she could've done differently Sunday.

Blue Springs police say 17-year-old Marcus Fanning died after crashing a stolen car into a truck on Sunday afternoon.

“He just wanted to get out of the situation he was in; he didn't know how and he was spiraling down and he'd gotten kicked out of school,” Solerto told FOX 4’s Monica Evans.

Solerto said her son was depressed and a recent break up with his girlfriend left him confused and scared.

“I think he had a plan and that he wanted to take himself out. I think he was tired he was tired of going through depression,” she said.

Solerto said her son left a note for his girlfriend saying: “Debbie, it's not your fault.”

Fanning was missing on Saturday and turned up at an apartment complex on Sunday. His mom said he was putting clothes in a car; a car she suspected was stolen, so she said she called 911.

“If I would not of made the 911 call, police would not have showed up and he would not try to speed off doing 100 mph,” she said.

Blue Springs police say they tried to stop Fanning from leaving in the vehicle, but they couldn’t.

Police say two officers pursued Fanning down Valley View Road where he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a truck, injuring two people inside and killing himself.

“I'm sure my son didn't do it on purpose and we are just really sorry for them and we're praying for their family,” Solerto said.

Solerto said while her son battled the highs and lows of manic depression, he would never intentionally hurt anyone.