Unusual, threatening real estate notices alarm metro residents

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KANSAS CITY -- Imagine getting a notice in the mail that has you worried about your home. It's happening in several area suburbs. A real estate notice is alarming a number of those receiving it.

"It just kind of worried me at first, because it said, you know, you need to call this number," said Anne Lamb, who received a notice in the mail a few weeks ago.

"It was like a threat," Lamb continued.

"A little bit concerning when something says third and final notice, or I've been desperately trying to reach you," said Matt Mallinson, the mayor of Sugar Creek, who says he also got the notices, and even started getting calls from residents distressed over it.

"One sweet little lady, I could tell she was in tears over the phone," Mallinson added.

The notice says things like, "I've been trying to reach you," and asks people to call a number with a recording.

"On the back of it where it said something about let`s keep this conversation private," said Lamb, whose notice was signed by someone named "James."

"I thought, that`s  crazy --there`s nothing official about this," Lamb added.

ThirdNoticeBlurredCome to find out, it is from a real estate agent. Mayor Mallinson's notice was signed by a Sara Hostetler. So FOX 4's Melissa Stern called Hostetler, who is, in fact, a real estate agent in Kansas City. She claims she doesn't know James, and said she could see how the notice could be misleading.

"This isn't the way real estate agents would market selling a home," said Audrey Elder, another real estate agent.

She says this is very unusual, and says it's concerning for people who don`t know any better and are ultimately threatened by the notice.

"That was just that person trying to put more fear into somebody by saying we've done this three times, we tried to get a hold of you three times," Lamb said. "There`s was never a one or a two."

According to Hostetler, the heading is attention grabbing. She says they've since stopped mailing the notices because of complaints like this.

"Scaring some little old 90-year-old woman into giving her house away for nearly nothing," said Lamb, "Whatever the scare tactic was, it should never have happened, and I have no respect for this person."

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