Medical staff and family they saved reunite for the first time since car crash

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A little more than a year ago a pregnant metro mom got into an accident with her two children in the car. Doctors and family members say it's a miracle that they're all still alive today.

A heartwarming reunion took place Friday at Research Medical Center between two hospitals and three boys. Their reunion was the first opportunity to celebrate the boy's incredible story of survival. Friends, family and doctors came to Research Medical Center to celebrate Aiden's first birthday -- a milestone many of them didn't think they would see.

"We never even thought he`d be here," said Michelle King, the step-grandmother of Aiden. "I love you guys, I really do. I don't how I would have made it through last year without you guys."

Paramedic, Danny Hall got the call in December of 2013. Aimie King, 23, had been thrown from her car when it rolled over. Her two children inside were okay, but King was 15 weeks pregnant.

"All of the motor vehicle accidents that I've been on in my career, the extent of injuries that Aimie sustained, it`s highly unlikely that she would survive, much less her unborn baby," said Hall.

Staff in 20 departments in the hospital worked to sustain King, who remained in a coma. In April 2014, four months after the crash, Aiden was born prematurely at 33 weeks, and weighed five pounds.

"This is a miracle," said Dr. Scott Bjerke, the Medical Director of Trauma Services at Research Medical Center, "Medical literature doesn`t document to many of these cases having actually come to this sort of outcome."

Dr. Bjerke said King had severe head trauma. She still remains in a vegetative state.

"She can see us, we think she can hear us, she tries to move when we go in there, when we takes the boys in, when we take Aiden in," said King.

But what surprises everyone the most is Aiden is not only alive, but perfectly healthy.

"To have the outcome that we've had with Aiden, is something that I've never seen before," Hall added.

"The accident his mom was in and the medication he was on, he should have had complications and he didn't, " King said. "And if it wasn't for everybody here, Danny, and Dr. Bjerke, and all the nurses, and everybody he would have."

Aiden turns one on Sunday. His mom Aimie, is now in a rehabilitation facility in Paola, Kansas.