Spring Hill high school students prepare for prom with mock fatal car crash

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SPRING HILL, Kan. -- Many high school seniors are preparing for prom this weekend. But before some Johnson County students hit the dance floor, they're getting an up close look at what could happen when teens make bad decisions.

Spring Hill students were brought out to the scene of a deadly car crash, staged by Johnson County sheriff's deputies.

With the help of theater makeup, they saw one of their classmates killed in the wreck, and watched as firefighters used the "jaws of life" to rescue others. Shocked students also got to see what it's like to be arrested as deputies handcuffed a classmate suspected of drunken driving.

The goal is to make the teens think twice about what they're doing before they get behind the wheel Saturday night.

"That's why we show this is because bad things do happen," said Tyus Henirich, a senior member of Students Against Destructive Decisions. "It's good to have awareness, whatever decision you do make, it could have bad consequences, death or you could be disabled permanently."

Students also are preaching the danger of distractions, mobile devices, which can cause crashes just as alcohol does. Deputies tell me it's important for teens to realize there are very real consequences to bad decisions and they won't be treated differently from adults.

Federal statistics show there were more than 30,000 deadly traffic crashes in the United States last year.