Friends, family gather to pray for young shooting victim and end of violence

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One year ago, a gunman took the life of a man and nearly the life of his 10-year-old son at a Kansas City gas station.

Today, Ka'Vyea Tyson-Curry, now 11, remains paralyzed—and his family, friends and supporters gathered to pray for a less violent community.

“I am tired to death of hearing about, seeing kids that have been shot, hurt by no fault of their own,” said Kansas City Missouri Mayor Sly James. “I am tired of people dying for no reason other than the fact that some idiot has a gun.”

The child was shot while at the gas station with his father. Surveillance video of the incident shows a gunman run up to their car and open fire. A suspect, 27-year-old Dontae Jefferson, is charged with first-degree murder in the case. He has a court appearance scheduled for next Friday.

Forest Tyson, Ka’Vyea’s grandfather, said the little boy hasn’t been back to the gas station since the night of the shooting.

“It should be tough, because he is remembering his father, he is remembering being wounded, he is remembering the pain that he’s gone through,” said Tyson.

Ka’Vyea is paralyzed and spends two days a week at rehabilitation classes, fighting to learn to walk again. He spoke to FOX 4 earlier this month, and described what his recovery has been like.

“The first time I stood up I felt like I was floating,” he said.

The child's family didn't call Saturday's gathering a prayer vigil, but instead a call for action and a celebration of life. They said they want the community to stop crying for children who are victims of violence and fighting for them instead.

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