Despite crystal clear surveillance video, KC burglary victim still awaiting arrests

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man is asking for your help in identifying three burglars he said broke into his home, despite seeing they’re being recorded on a surveillance camera.

Unlike most surveillance video, the images were crystal clear, making the faces of the alleged crooks recognizable.


The burglary happened just a few days before Christmas, and with such clear video, the victim said he expected police to make a quick arrest; but nearly five months later, he said he’s still waiting for justice.

“I’m just a little concerned because these guys could still be out running around doing the same thing,” victim Kenneth Ives said. “So it’s kind of bothersome to me, you know?”

Ives’ surveillance video shows two men trying to break into his front door. When they can’t get it open, they bring in a third guy to help.

At one point, one of the alleged burglars looks right into the camera, but instead of running off so he’s not recorded, he acknowledges the camera and even seems to smile.

Ives said they eventually got inside to steal valuables and sentimental items, making the video frustrating to watch.

“I know somebody out there knows these guys,” he said, “and should speak up because they’re out there still doing the same thing to other people and I don’t want to see other people get violated and get their stuff stolen as I did.”

FOX 4 called the KCPD detectives investigating the case Tuesday night for an update on any leads. They had already left for the day, so we will post updates as they become available.

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