Gov. Brownback vetoes bill to increase regulations on Uber, ride-hailing companies

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Gov Sam Brownback

Gov. Sam Brownback has vetoed a bill that would have increased regulations on ride-hailing companies like Uber.

Brownback announced his decision in a statement Monday, saying the bill was “premature” and might stifle growth.

The bill would require some drivers for Uber and other ride-hailing companies to provide proof of broader insurance and undergo state background checks. Uber connects drivers to riders through a mobile app and lobbied fiercely against the bill, saying its passage would have forced the company to leave the state.

The bill passed with large majorities in both chambers and Republican Rep. Scott Schwab from Olathe said the Legislature would attempt to override the governor’s veto. This would require 84 votes in the 125-seat House and 27 votes in the 40-seat Senate.


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