Grateful family meets hero who caught their daughter after fall off Oak Park Mall escalator

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A Bonner Springs couple finally got to thank the man they say saved their five-year-old daughter’s life. Alex Profeta fell off the side of an escalator at Oak Park Mall last Saturday. Tuesday, her family met the man who caught her, who they call a hero… or a “superhero,” according to the five-year-old.

“I’m just happy we happened to be here and everything that day lined us up to put us here,” said Chis Chartrant, who caught the falling girl. “I expected her to you know slip off around here but she was pretty strong and made it all the way almost to the top.”

Joe Profeta said he was grateful to meet the man who caught Alex and had the chance to thank him in person.

Chartrant is a veteran of seven military combat deployments and his training kicked in at the right second. Alex wasn’t on the escalator steps, but standing on the other side of it playing. That’s when she grabbed onto the moving arm and was lifted off the ground. She was too afraid to let go and held on almost to the top, before she fell.

“She was falling so fast if we weren’t there that day she probably would have cracked her head,” said Kiley Chartrant, the soldier’s daughter who saw the entire thing play out. “He got into a little pose to catch her and he caught her.”

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