Metro kindergarten teacher nominated for accolade as TV show’s top educator in nation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One metro teacher is getting national recognition for being one of the country's top teachers. It happened Tuesday during "Live with Kelly and Michael" which airs daily on FOX 4.

It's the show's sixth annual "Top Teacher Week" and a kindergarten teacher at Parkview Elementary School is one of 12 semifinalists for "Top Teacher Week" for best educators across the nation.

"I was very flattered, honestly, it's a very humbling thing," said Donn Harrison, who was on a field trip at the Kansas City Zoo with his kindergarten class today -- a nice break from the classroom he's been teaching in for more than two decades.

"It is the best job," Harrison said.

Harrison's wife, Lynette, wrote a letter to nominate him for Kelly and Michael's "Top Teacher Week."

"He does so much, not only as a teacher, but in the community," Lynette said.

She says he goes above and beyond -- he`s a volunteer firefighter, EMT, active in church, even announces sports games for the school.

"I just think it`s an amazing honor and well overdue," said the school principal, Laurie Mefford, who says he's an amazing educator, "He every morning works our traffic guard, every year I find it difficult sometimes to find people that will want to do that - Mr. Harrison`s approach is where else can you meet and greet over 700 students with a smile?"

And the students can't get enough of him.

"They adore him," added Mefford.

"I like that he`s a great teacher, and he likes good kids, and I like how he gives me hugs sometimes," says one of Mr. Harrison's students, a six-year-old named Preston.

Harrison says he found out his wife nominated him at a faculty meeting.

"They just announced that someone had been selected and all the teachers were around and someone was active in the community and they started listing off things and it started to become apparent that it was kind of me," Harrison said.

"There`s so many great teachers out there, I was just amazed that he made it into the top 12," said Lynette.

Harrison says it's intimidating, but an honor to be picked. He hopes their efforts to collect votes pays off to become one of the four finalists to travel to New York and be featured on "Live" in May.

"We kind of put some shameless advertising on the kids, and the schools voting, we put it out on social media," said Harrison.

To vote for Mr. Harrison, click on this link. Voting ends Wednesday at 8 AM eastern time -- that's Wednesday morning! You can vote once an hour per computer.

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