Friends rally together to raise support for woman shot in drive-by shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A group of friends are rallying together to support a woman who they said was shot in a drive-by shooting.

Jenny was sleeping on a friend's couch near East 55th and Jackson in Kansas City, Mo. when she was shot in her abdomen during a drive-by shooting.

Friends say Jenny is alive, but badly injured.

"It just kind of puts it into perspective that it can happen to anyone at any time, and it's pretty sad that that's the world we live in, but it is," said Jennifer Parkins, a friend of Jenny.

The bullet is still in Jenny's abdomen, according to her updates on a Go Fund Me page, doctors haven't been able to remove it yet due to the severity of her injuries around the bullet.  She hopes to have it removed next Thursday.  Jenny hasn’t been able to work for three weeks, and it’ll likely be three more until she’ll be able to work again.  In the meantime friends, family, even customers are pitching in.

Parkins said Jenny is someone who's always trying to make other people's days a little brighter.

"So that's really our goal is to keep her floating while she can't work," Parkins said.  "It's really been so sad to see her like not have a smile on her face, so we just want her back."

Parkins said the two work together at Barrel 31 in Martini Corner.

"She's awesome, she really is.  She's one of my favorite people," said Parkins.

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