Lawsuit filed against Missouri apartment finding company for allegedly ripping off customers

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. -- A Missouri woman is warning others that one apartment seeking company did not follow through with its original claim.

Jennifer Tapscott said she needed an apartment fast and decided to use Elite Placement.

The company required a $250 deposit which they said they’d refund once she moved in.

“Originally I was told after six months I would get my money back,” Tapscott said.

Nearly a year and a half after moving in, Tapscott said she still has not received her money.

“After endless emails and after being told the department I needed didn't respond to emails, and after seven months of emails, I just want my money back,” Tapscott said.mug-identities

The Missouri Attorney General said Tapscott is not alone. In a lawsuit, Attorney General Koster said Patricia Draine who also goes by Patricia Follin, Jenkins and Andrews: a total of 9 identities, is the owner of Elite Placement and has allegedly ripped off dozens of people. Court documents revealed that Draine has served time in both federal and state prison for fraud in the past so this wouldn't be a first offense.

Fox 4 tried to contact Elite Placement multiple times but the numbers listed were not working.

Elite Placement has an F grade with the Better Business Bureau, and a warning was issued last year about the company and cited nearly fifty complaints.

The Missouri Attorney General's office asks that if any of Draine's identities sound familiar to you, to please contact them.