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Regional consolidation of 911 operations intrigues Gladstone police chief

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GLADSTONE, Mo. -- Gladstone's police chief believes better emergency response times and more resources would be the payoff if a Kansas City police proposal to consolidate area 911 police dispatch centers into one regional center gets the green light. Chief Mike Hasty says dwindling funding and under-staffing are problems facing the Gladstone emergency dispatch center.

The issues prompted him a few years ago to begin studying the idea of partnering with other agencies in Clay County, so he's intrigued by the KCPD proposal to consolidate 911 police communications for its agency and surrounding suburbs into one large dispatch center that would share resources, operating together under the Mid-America Regional Council.

“I think that taxpayers are looking for their government officials to be wise in how they spend their money and when it comes to the public safety mission, I think they expect us and demand us to work with our partners and find ways to do our job better,” Chief Hasty said.

He also says the plan is still in its very early stages, but believes the first step in getting adequate funding for a regional dispatch center is passing the Missouri bill that would add a tax for 911 operations onto cell phone bills.