Royals’ fans say recent fights have not changed their perspective of the boys in blue

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KANSAS CITY, Mo – The team we know as the heart of Kansas City, who fought their way through the World Series, is now making headlines for a different reason.

Fans saw it first against the Oakland A’s, then again as the Royals took on the Chicago White Sox as the team cleared the benches and ran onto the field.

“I was in the other room and I came back in and I just saw everybody fighting– I was just like not again,” fan Josh Mann said.

There’s been much discussion, opinions all over the country of who started it or was it deserved. Fans at Johnny’s Tavern says it all comes down to passion for the game.

“I still support them no matter what,” Mann said. I think they’re gonna get it figured out. Anytime you have young guys like that, you’re gonna have some emotions that are hard to control.”

“We’ve been hit a lot,” fan Crystal Banks said. “We’ve also taken a lot of knocks. Physically and emotionally. I know that’s playing on their emotions.”