Dog returns to scene of Lee’s Summit car wreck, waiting for his owner to find him

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- A picture of a missing dog was shared more than 25,000 times on Facebook, and thanks to help of people concerned about him, Hudson the Rotweiller pup is back with his family who loves him.

wreckHudson was in a car accident Sunday with his owner, Sam Taylor, and Taylor's girlfriend.

It happened in the eastbound lanes of I-470, just east of Raytown Road.  Taylor's car bounced on the guardrail and then flipped on its side, injuring Taylor and terrifying Hudson.

"All the way down the highway, on the guard rail, off the guard rail, back and forth all the way down like a game of pin ball," Sam Taylor explained.

"I looked down at my arm and it looked like I'd been in a shark attack," he said.

Hudson, obviously shaken, burst out of the car and took off.

"I looked out, after we climbed through,out the glass, and he was all the way down the highway already," said Taylor.

Sam Taylor, happy his dog Hudson is home.

Sam Taylor, happy his dog Hudson is home.

Taylor was in no shape to call or run after him. He collapsed.

People around him who witnessed the crash came to his aid. Taylor says the other driver involved in the crash appeared to be ready to leave the scene of the accident.

"And when I collapsed, I actually collapsed right next to the guy's car and he looked right at me and them looked to the road. The guy didn't seem like he planned on stopping."

Within seconds Taylor says several cars flooded the road, pulling in behind, in front and around the man so he couldn't leave.

That wasn't the last of the help Taylor would receive on Sunday. Taylor's mom, Michelle Lingenfelser,  posted the picture of Hudson to the Wayside Waifs' Facebook page and people began sharing it, and expressing their hopes that Hudson would be found.

People promised to keep their eyes open for him; and at least one person was successful. A woman called Taylor to tell him she found Hudson, sitting near where the wreck happened, which was under a bridge.

"He was sitting on top of it, crying in the middle of the street," Taylor said.

"Just to know that everyone was concerned about him and everyone was looking out for his best interest," said Lingenfelser. "It was really amazing to see."