Woman didn’t know she was pregnant, gives birth on toilet

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. — A Wisconsin woman got an unexpected surprise, according to WTMJ.

Carolann Baurle told WTMJ that she left early from work because she wasn’t feeling well and her stomach hurt. Once she got home she decided to go to the bathroom and out came the baby.

“It’s definitely crazy coming into motherhood like this,” Carolann said of her 7 lb. 5 oz baby. “I’m not prepared at all. From going to not knowing I was pregnant to having a baby.”

Her husband Devin Baurle told WTMJ that he heard Carolann yell and ran to the bathroom.

Devin told WTMJ that he immediately called 911 for help when he saw the baby.

The recording of the 911 call revealed to WTMJ that when the dispatcher asked where the baby was, Devin responded “In the toilet! The baby’s stuck. My wife’s stuck.”

Devin told WTMJ that he was able to pick the baby up out of the toilet before first responders arrived, with a few directions from dispatch.

“Thank you for being calm and not yelling back” Devin said of the dispatchers, according to WTMJ.

Devin and Carolann told WTMJ that they decided to name the baby in honor of one of the first people who responded to the scene.

“When I went to visit her the next day, they didn’t have a name picked out,” Officer Jennifer Gerke told WTMJ. “I jokingly said, ‘Jennifer Faith has worked out well for me for the past 30 years.’ Yesterday when I went in and checked on them, she told me she had named the baby Jordan Faith. I about cried. It was really touching.”

Carolann told WTMJ that she only gained about 10 lbs when pregnant.