Woman’s patience worn thin waiting on new paint job for home

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Cheryl Englund can't help but get upset every time she looks at her KCK home.

"It's hard enough trying to stay positive about things and let alone look at this every time you go outside," said Englund, pointing to her house, which has been missing most of its paint since last fall when the contractor she paid to paint it, disappeared.

A cancer survivor who struggles with depression, Englund has been trying since last September to get the contractor to actually finish the job.

Englund said she gave Tim Garbleman of Executive Design a $1,300 deposit. She said two weeks later two workers showed up and scraped and calked the wooden shingles on her ranch-style home. But no work has been done since. Repeated phone calls to Garbleman didn't seem to make a difference.

"He kept dragging it out," said Englund of the contractor. "He kept telling me, be patient with him. Be patient with him."

Finally in November, Garbleman showed up and Englund finally thought her home would be painted.

"He shook my hand and said the next morning someone would be out to finish the prep work, and then Monday they were going to paint. Nobody showed up the next day," she said.

Or ever since.

Englund filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and even posted a warning on Craigslist. Then she contacted FOX 4 Problem Solvers.

We had heard of Tim Garbleman and Executive Design. He was mentioned in a FOX 4 Problem Solver report after being sued in April by the Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster. The AG's lawsuit accused Garble of ripping off two customers by taking deposits and never finishing the job.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers thought it was time to give Garbleman a call. After leaving a message, Garbleman called us back a few minutes later. He said he'd gotten behind and that was the reason he never finished Englund's home. But here's the good news. He offered to give her back her entire $1,300 deposit. He kept his word, dropping off a cashier's check that same day.

Englund is thrilled to have her money back and is now ready to solve her next problem, finding someone new to paint her home.